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Summaries of the benefits available as well as the costs associated with each are described throughout this website.  Use this information to learn the basics and compare these offerings to other plans to which you may have access, such as those that may be available through your spouse.  For additional information, refer to more detailed plan information, and a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for the medical and prescription plans, at the bottom of this page. 

If any conflict occurs between this overview and the formal Plan Document or Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs), the Plan Document or SPD will prevail.

If you have questions about enrollment procedures or plan administration, contact the Benefits department at 636.827.4088 or 636.827.6120.

Important Things to Know about the Election Process:

  • All benefit plans are independent elections. You make separate choices for each.

  • With a few exceptions, all decisions are binding until the end of the calendar year unless you experience a qualified change in family status. Exceptions are for the Health Savings Account, Commuter benefit , Auto/Home Insurance with Travelers through YouDecide (which can be elected or changed at any time), as described in the About Open Enrollment section of this website.

  • When enrolling or changing benefits for the current year as a New Hire or for a mid-year qualified change in status, although you have 31 days to make your elections, once you have finalized your enrollment in Workday by clicking on the Submit button on the last screen, you will not have an opportunity to change those elections until the next annual open enrollment period, unless you experience a qualified change in status. Please take time to carefully review your options and your elections before submitting them in Workday to ensure you are enrolled in the plans as intended.

  • During the annual Open Enrollment period, you may go back into the Open Enrollment portal in Workday and make changes as many times as needed until the Open Enrollment period ends.

    • If you do not enroll or renew your elections for 2019 by November 15, 2018, you will not have coverage after December 31, 2018.

  • After submitting your elections, be sure to print a copy for your records.