Dental Plan Overview - Delta Dental of Missouri

Two dental plan options are offered through Delta Dental of Missouri. Both plans are traditional style dental plans with a deductible and coinsurance.

Under these plans, you may receive treatment from any dentist. There are two preferred networks of dentists that may be used with both plans – a PPO network and a Premier network.  When you use these networks, you will be charged less for most services and will, therefore, incur a lower out-of-pocket expense.  Non-network dentists may charge a rate that is over the maximum reasonable and customary charge allowed by Delta Dental.  Delta Dental would deny that additional charge, and you would be responsible for paying that amount.  Dentists participating in the PPO network generally agree to lower negotiated rates than dentists in the Premier network.  However, both networks would protect you from being balance billed for any amounts the dentist would normally charge over the discounted rate they have negotiated with Delta Dental.

When you use PPO Network Dentists, the plan will pay 100% for your preventive care services.  If you use Premier network dentists, or dentists who don’t participate in either Delta Dental network, the plan pays slightly less at 80%.

Both plans offer you preventive care, basic care (fillings, simple extractions, etc.), basic care (crowns, implants), and orthodontia (for children or adults).  The annual deductibles and annual benefit maximums do not apply to preventive dental services.

Participants diagnosed with periodontal disease, pregnant women, diabetics, those with kidney failure or undergoing dialysis and those with suppressed immune symptoms are eligible for up to four periodontal and/or dental cleanings per calendar year. To be eligible for the additional cleaning benefit, you must submit a completed Self Report Form which can be obtained HERE.

Standard Dental Plan - This plan has higher deductibles and lower annual and lifetime benefit limits but a lower employee cost per pay period than the Buy-Up Plan.

Buy-Up Dental Plan - This plan has enhanced benefits for basic services and orthodontia as well as lower deductibles, but increased employee costs per pay period compared to the Standard Plan.

2018 & 2019 Dental Plan Rates


2018 & 2019 Dental Plan Limits


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You may enroll or make changes to current coverage within 31 days after your full-time hire date or the date you experience a qualified change in status, or during the annual open enrollment period. Refer to the "How to enroll or Waive Coverage in Workday" instructions under the Home Page of this website. To enroll for 2019, make an election in Workday through the open enrollment link along with your elections for all other benefit plans.