To see if your vision care provider is in the EyeMed network, go to, and search for providers in the Insight network.

Although an ID card is not required, EyeMed will mail ID cards to each employee who enrolls.  You may also print temporary ID cards from the website.

2018 & 2019 Vision Plan Rates


2018 & 2019 Vision Summary

Benefits at an EyeMed Provider - Insight Network

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Out-of-Network Benefit Reimbursements


You may enroll or make changes to current coverage within 31 days after your full-time hire date or the date you experience a qualified change in status, or during the annual open enrollment period. Refer to the "How to enroll or Waive Coverage in Workday" instructions under the Home Page of this website. To enroll for 2019, make an election in Workday through the open enrollment link along with your elections for all other benefit plans.