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Commuter costs can pile up, especially in major cities.  Instead of paying more for your transportation to and from work, save costs by taking advantage of a Commuter Benefits plan.  A commuter plan allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars for qualified transit and vanpooling.  Commuter benefits let you pay for transportation to and from work with tax-free money.  Examples of eligible transportation for transit benefits include train, bus, subway and ferry.

Commuter dollars can be used toward uberPOOL and Lyft Line rides in select cities.  The Discovery Benefits debit card can also be added as a payment method in the uberPOOL and Lyft Line apps.

The monthly contribution limit for transit or vanpooling is $265/month.

How it Works

  • You will make an election in Workday to enroll in Commuter Benefits. Enter the amount per month you want deducted from your paycheck pre-tax to pay for your transportation to and from work.

  • Once you've made that election, the amount elected will be deducted from your pay.

  • This monthly election will continue month-to-month until you take action to stop or change the amount.

  • Commuter Benefits can be elected or changed at any time during the year – no qualified change in status required. Simply go to Workday, and select the Benefits > Change Benefits > Commuter Enroll/Change/Cancel option.

Accessing Funds

There are a few ways you can access your Commuter Benefits.

You can use your Discovery Benefits debit card to pay providers directly at the time of service from your transit account.  If you are also enrolled in the Maritz medical plan and already have a Discovery Benefits debit card for your HSA account, you will use the same debit card for your Commuter Benefit.  You are able to use the same debit card for all benefits you have with Discovery.  The technology built into the card knows which type of expense you are incurring and will deduct the funds from the correct account.  If you do not have the Maritz medical plan with HSA, then a debit card will be issued and mailed to you after you enroll in the Commuter Benefit.

  • If a transit provider does not accept debit card payments, you can pay out of pocket and submit a reimbursement request through the Discovery Benefits mobile app or your consumer portal at Sign up for direct deposit to receive your reimbursement as quickly as possible.

  • Because residents of the Washington, DC area may be unable to use the Discovery debit card, Maritz has elected to participate in the Discovery Benefits SmartCommute Program. The SmartCommute program allows you to load commuter dollars onto a reloadable smart card in select cities and easily transfer funds from your Discovery Benefits commuter account onto the card.

Mobile App

Download the Free Commuter Mobile App on Apple and Android Devices.

Click on the Link for your device below to Download App:

For Apple Devices:

For Android devices:

Additional Resources

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