2019 Healthy You! Wellness Incentive Program

Regular full-time Maritz employees who are in the 2019 Cigna medical plan AND completed their Health Evaluation in the Fall of 2018 are eligible to earn up to 300 Exclusively Yours® (EY) points for completing the healthy activities selected as part of the 2019 Healthy You! wellness program.

You can receive rewards (EY Points) for completing a wide variety of healthy activities including, getting a recommended preventative screening, participating in a wellness Challenge, completing an on-line wellness workshop and much more.

What’s new for this year?

  • Our Challenges are always popular.  Our “big” Challenge will come this Spring/Summer when we all Race to Mount Olympus.  Doing so could earn you 75 EY Points.

  • Four new Flash Challenges (1 per quarter) are planned this year.  Our first Flash Challenge kicked off in March with the Buddy Flash Challenge.  Employees got to throw down the gauntlet and challenge their teammates to a challenge of their choosing.  Over 250 employees completed the challenge and each earned 20 EY Points! 

We’ve increased the earning potential for this year’s Flash Challenges to 20 EY Points for each Challenge.  You can earn up to 80 EY Points in 2019 for completing all four Flash Challenges.

  • We’ve re-framed our Personal Wellbeing Activities to give you more opportunities to earn and a wider variety of wellness activities to do.  For each quarter you can complete up to two Personal Wellbeing Activities and earn 30 EY Points (2 activities X 15 EY Points each).  Complete all eight Personal Wellbeing Activities in 2019 and earn 120 EY Points.

These wellness activities are designed by YOU (with some guidance/suggestions from Interactive Health).  These activities can be in the areas of physical wellness, emotional wellness, or financial wellness.  You get to choose what’s most important for you to work on.

  • And finally, we’ve added a new activity called Supporting Wellness.  None of us are alone on our wellness journey.  Whether it’s a friend or family member who pushes us to work out with them, a doctor or wellness coach who encourages you to choose a healthier life, or a manager who believes in “walking meetings.”  Sometimes we all get a little help and support from others.  We’d like to know what you have done to support the health and wellness of others and/or help encourage a health-conscious environment.  Document what you’ve done and earn 15 EY Points.

Use your personal log on to the Interactive Health website and start earning.


Here’s hoping we all earn 300 Exclusively Yours® Points AND do the healthy activities that lead to good health and wellness AND move us closer to meeting our Personal Health Goal for 2019.