InfoArmor Identity Theft  & YouDecide Other Voluntary Benefits

Identity Theft Coverage - PrivacyArmor® by InfoArmor

PrivacyArmor® helps detect identity theft and minimize damages by actively monitoring and notifying you of activity.  Data sources and proactive alerts include account applications for credit cards, wireless carriers, loans, utility accounts, and even non-credit accounts. PrivacyArmor monitors high-risk identity activity such as password resets, fund transfers, unauthorized account access, compromised credentials, address changes, public record alerts, and more.

Additionally, PrivacyArmor provides complete credit monitoring. Their Credit Monitoring feature also gives you access to monthly credit scores and annual credit reports so you can stay on top of your credit and finances.

In the unfortunate event that you fall victim to identity theft or fraud, a dedicated Privacy Advocate™will guide and manage your full recovery process, restoring your credit, identity, accounts, finances, and your sense of security. Privacy Advocates are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can get help right when you need it.


2019 Identity Theft Coverage Semi-Monthly Rates

Employee Only            $4.98

Employee + Family      $8.98


InfoArmor’s protection includes the following services:

  • Annual credit report

  • Proactive database searches

  • Social media monitoring

  • Medical records monitoring

  • Black market website surveillance

  • Baseline scan and monthly status report

  • Reporting of monitoring and detection

  • Cyber bullying coverage

  • Expense reimbursement

For more information, go to www.MyPrivacyArmor.com.

You may enroll, change, or cancel coverage in Workday within 31 days after your full-time hire date or the date you experience a qualified change in status, or during the annual open enrollment period. Refer to the "How to enroll or Waive Coverage in Workday" instructions under the Home Page of this website.

Home/Auto Insurance and other Voluntary Benefits through YouDecide

Through YouDecide, you have access to the following valuable voluntary benefit programs:

  • Auto and Home Insurance - Receive special group rates from Nationwide or Travelers, two of the nation’s leading carriers with the convenience of payroll deduction if your coverage is through Travelers. At this time, payroll deduction is not available if your coverage is through Nationwide.

  • Other discounted benefits - Throughout the year, access the YouDecide website to save money on everything from flat screen TVs and movie tickets to gym memberships, pet insurance, and child care. Check out the discounts offered to Maritz employees and their families. Log-in, Search, Save – it’s that easy!

Once enrolled in Auto/Home Insurance, Pet Insurance, or other discounted benefits through YouDecide, you do not have to “re-elect” or “renew” coverage year-to-year.  Your coverage will automatically continue from year to year unless you contact the provider directly to cancel coverage.  You may enroll or cancel Home and Auto coverage with Nationwide or Travelers any time during the year.  You are not limited to making these elections during the annual open enrollment period.

Go to www.youdecide.com/maritz, and enter password MTZ936 or call 1.877.271.5455 to obtain additional information or to enroll.

For your convenience, single sign-on is now available to access the You Decide site directly from Workday. Simply log in to Workday, select the Benefits icon, and then select You Decide in the External Links column. You will be directed to the You Decide site immediately without having to enter a password.