Maritz’ First Virtual Benefits Fair is a Hit!

Over 500 people visited our Maritz Virtual Benefits Fair to learn more about the many employee benefits available at Maritz.

Maritz regular full-time employees and their spouses were able to visit the Virtual Benefits Fair and engage with our benefits partners, view videos about wellness topics and benefits products, read brochures and flyers and download them to a virtual briefcase that can be e-mailed to their mailbox for later review. And, over 50 people won participation prizes valued at more than $2,000!

Here are some of the comments we received from participants:

  • This is such a great option for virtual workers to feel like they are not missing out!

  • [Liked] seeing all of our benefits listed out and the ease of navigating through the fair.

  • Nice to have everything in one place and easily accessible.

  • Great experience that all can enjoy and participate in as schedules allow!  

  • I loved seeing everything in one place.  There are so many great benefits and it’s easy to forget about some.  While going through the Exhibits, I downloaded all the mobile apps, so I now have everything in one place to help me keep track.

  • Easy to navigate and get to the information I’m looking for to help me with the next enrollment period.

  • The whole look and feel were a great way to have the interaction of the user!

  • Having the benefits and the information materials right there to read and download is fantastic, it reminded me of many benefits I forgot are available to us and provided me with additional information that I will go back and utilize and take advantage of.

  • I enjoyed the wealth of knowledge that was provided both in the videos and documentations.  And, I like the idea of being able to download the documentation in the briefcase, emailing it to myself so that I can refer to the information later.

  • The ability to see all of the benefits/partners that Maritz has to offer in one place without visiting multiple websites.  It allowed me to truly find the information I was looking for and understand the difference between them, as well as easily ask questions.

Although the opportunity to win prizes and chat (in real time) with our benefits partners is over, you can still access the Maritz Virtual Benefits Fair to view videos and read brochures and flyers and download them to your virtual briefcase. 

 Register and login at

 You’ll have until June 14, 2019 to access the website.