Legal Plan - ARAG

When faced with everyday legal issues, the majority of individuals don’t hire an attorney because these costs are often unplanned, unbudgeted and more expensive than expected.  When legal events occur, you want to make the best decisions to address your specific legal situation.  You want to know what you are getting into before you commit additional time and resources.  And most importantly, you want to be assured of a quality outcome for yourself and your family.

That’s why Maritz offers you a Legal Services Plan through ARAG offering as part of our benefits package.  For one low monthly price that is conveniently payroll deducted, you will receive legal protection that will help reduce the stress that drives at-risk style behaviors, medical costs, and absenteeism.  This legal insurance will allow you to react and respond better to unforeseen personal legal events.

The semi-monthly cost per paycheck is $11.00. You will have access to many legal services such as:

  • Contested Divorce (15 hours of legal services)
  • Child Support/Custody
  • Credit Records Correction
  • Government Benefits Dispute
  • ID Theft Protection
  • Financial education and counseling (available to all employees, even those who do not enroll in the Legal Services Plan)
  • Civil Damage Claims
  • Consumer Protection Matters
  • Criminal Matters
  • Debt-Related Matters
  • Family Law
  • General Matters
  • Landlord/Tenant Matters
  • Real Estate Matters
  • Small Claims Court
  • Tax Matters
  • Traffic Matters
  • Wills and Estate Planning

To enroll in the ARAG Legal plan, you will enroll in Workday along with your other benefit elections.

You may enroll, change, or cancel this coverage during the annual open enrollment period or within 31 days following a qualified change in status.

For more information about the ARAG Legal Plan:

  • Visit the ARAG Legal Center at and type in Access Code 18341mhi
  • Call the ARAG Customer Care Center at 800-247-4184
  • Watch the videos below: