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Interactive Health Incentive Program

Interactive Health partners with Maritz to provide a robust outcome-based and activity-based wellness program. 

The Interactive Health program is fully accredited by the prestigious National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and is fully HIPAA-compliant.  Interactive Health does not share any personal health information with Maritz.

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 2019 Health Evaluation

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Maritz Healthy You! Wellness Program 2019 Incentives Overview


The outcome-based portion of this program is focused on improving or sustaining good health year over year.  It includes an annual Health Evaluation for Maritz regular full-time employees (and their spouses) who are planning to enroll in the Cigna medical plan for the upcoming year.  The Health Evaluation takes place in October of each year.  The Health Evaluation, which includes a biometric screening (bloodwork) and Health Assessment, helps participants better understand and take control of their health risks. 

The entire Health Evaluation (including the biometric screening) is free to eligible employees and their spouses.

As part of the Health Evaluation, participants receive a Personal Health Score.  The Personal Health Score is based on five controllable health factors:

  • Blood Pressure

  • LDL Cholesterol

  • A1C

  • Triglycerides

  • Tobacco Use

Our focus is to help employees (and their spouses) improve or sustain good health year over year.  Therefore, in addition to a Personal Health Score, all participants receive a Personal Health Goal.  Participants are challenged to achieve this Personal Health Goal by the time of the next annual Health Evaluation. 

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 2018-2019 Wellness Program Overview

Here are how the goals are established:


Your Personal Health Score  Year 1

-20 to Zero

1 to 25

26 and greater

Your Goal Year 2

Stay between -20 and Zero

Reduce your score to Zero or less

Improve by 60%


Participants who meet their Personal Health Goal will receive a $600 Well Credit towards their next year’s Cigna medical plan premium.  Employees can earn a $600 Well Credit for themselves and another $600 for their spouse enrolled in their Cigna medical plan – provided both meet their Personal Health Goal.   

Note:  The first year you participate in the Health Evaluation is considered a baseline year.  First year participants automatically receive the Well Credit.

Participants who self-report nicotine use or nicotine is found through their bloodwork will be assessed a $600 Tobacco Surcharge.  Participants who complete the Health Evaluation will have an opportunity to avoid the surcharge by completing the Interactive Health Tobacco Free for Life program by the specified deadline.

Employees (and their spouses) enrolled in the Cigna medical plan who do not complete the Health Evaluation will not be eligible to receive the Well Credit AND will automatically be assessed the Tobacco Surcharge.  Because we would be unable to verify you are not a tobacco or nicotine user if you don’t complete the bloodwork, the Tobacco Surcharge is automatically applied to you. 


The outcome-based program is backed up by year-round activity-based resources including one-on-one telephonic health coaching, monthly health newsletters sent via e-mail, monthly health webinars, year-round Healthy Actions you can participate in (and earn Exclusively Yours® points for completing), and a quick check (mid-year) follow-up test at no cost to eligible participants.

Regular full-time Maritz employees who are in the current Cigna medical plan AND completed their Health Evaluation during the previous Fall are eligible to earn up to 300 Exclusively Yours® (EY) points in 2019 for completing the healthy activities identified by the program.

The earned EY Points are posted after each of the following periods:

  • December-March

  • April-June

  • July-September

  • October-November

Looking for information about Exclusively Yours® point earning opportunities for eligible employees?  Click below.

Maritz Healthy You! Wellness Program 2019 Incentives Overview

To learn more about current and upcoming Challenges and incentive earning opportunities, go to the Wellness Challenges link under the Wellness tab.