Reminder: 2019 Maritz HSA Contributions Now Made Quarterly

Remember that the Maritz contributions to the HSA for those enrolled in the Cigna medical plan starting 1/1/19 will be made on a quarterly basis instead of one lump sum contribution the beginning of January.  

The amount contributed each quarter is $250 for Employee Only coverage or $500 for all other coverage tiers.

To be eligible for each quarterly contribution, you must be enrolled in the Maritz medical plan on the first day of the quarter.  The contribution will be made within 2-3 business days following the first paycheck in each quarter.

Employees who enroll after the first day of the quarter, such as a new hire or employee enrolling due to marriage or a change in spouse’s employment (or other status change) will not be eligible for a Maritz contribution in that quarter. 

 If you elect to make employee HSA contributions into your account in addition to the receiving the Maritz contributions, the amount elected will be deducted from each paycheck and be deposited within 2–3 business days following each pay date.

HSA Contribution Chart.jpg