How to Enroll or Waive Coverage in Workday

1. Log in to Workday through MyMaritz (Under Top Resources – Workday@Maritz link).

2. If you are making elections as a New Hire, Employee Status Change from part-time to full-time or vice-versa), or during Open Enrollment, select the Inbox link in Workday. Click on the New Hire, Employee Status Change, or Open Enrollment benefit task to open the benefit election screens. Skip to step #5 below.

3. For the following types of benefit changes that are outside of New Hire, Midyear Status Change, or Open Enrollment Periods, select the Benefits icon on your Workday Home Page, click on the appropriate type of benefit change desired from the Benefit Event Type drop-down, and enter the current date as the Benefit Event Date if you wish the change to take effect on the next available pay period. Click Submit, then Open to see the election screens appear:

  • Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution changes (select Change HSA Contribution - All Non-CX employees as the Benefit Event type)

  • Life Insurance beneficiary changes only (select Beneficiary Designation Change - Life as the Benefit Event type)

    • The first page will list the types and amount of life insurance coverage. You will not be able to change the types or amounts of coverage. Click Continue at the bottom to advance to the beneficiary designation screens.

    • On the Beneficiary Designations screen, click in the box showing your current beneficiary designation for the type of life insurance coverage you want to change to see the pop up appear with your options. To remove your current beneficiary, click on the X next to their name. To add a new beneficiary, click on the Beneficiary Persons or Trusts option that appears to see if the person you wish to designate is already listed as an option. If not, select the Create option. Before selecting the Add Beneficiary or Add Trust options, click on the Add Beneficiary Using Existing Contact to see if the person is already listed there. If you see the person’s name listed, just click on their name and follow the remaining prompts. If you don’t see the person listed, then select the Add Beneficiary or Add Trust option as appropriate. You will have to enter all required fields marked with a red asterisk, and will need to click on the Contact Information to list a phone number and address for each beneficiary designated.

  • Commuter Benefit contribution changes (select Commuter Enroll/Change/Cancel as the Benefit Event type)

Make the desired changes and then select Submit to save your new elections.

4. If you are making benefit changes mid-year due to a qualified status change such as marriage, birth, or change in spouse’s employment, select the Benefits icon instead of going to your inbox, and select the Benefit Event Type that applies from the drop-down, and the Benefit Event Date (this date should be the date of marriage, date of birth, or effective date of spouse’s new coverage or last day of coverage for a loss of coverage event). Click Submit. Click on the Open button that will appear next to open up the benefit election screens so you can make your desired changes.

5. Select Enroll or Waive coverage for each plan listed, and then select the coverage tier desired for each plan you are electing (employee only, employee+spouse, employee+children, or family).

6. Select the dependents you want covered by clicking on each dependent’s name in the drop down menu under the options link in the dependents column. Children can be covered up to age 26 even if they aren’t students.  Do not add a family member as a new dependent if they have been on one or more plans in the past.  Instead, select the Existing Dependents option and click on the name of each member you wish to cover on that plan.  If you enter them again as a new dependent, you will create duplicate dependent records.  If you are a new employee or are adding a new dependent not previously covered on the medical, dental, or vision plans, select the Add My Dependent From Enrollment option in the drop down menu in the Enroll Dependents field and enter their information in the required fields (those marked with a red asterisk) as prompted.

Important Note: if you do not have a dependent’s social security number readily available, or you are adding a newborn who does not yet have a social security number, do not enter all zeroes or make up a false number to enter in this field.  Call the benefits department at 636.827.4088 for further direction so you are able to complete your enrollment. 

We are required by law to provide the government with the names and social security numbers of all family members covered under the medical plan exactly as it appears on their social security card.  Please review the social security card for each family member before entering any new dependents in Workday, and enter the name and number exactly as shown on the card. We must ensure the data is correct when entered initially to avoid having the IRS reject records at year-end.

5. If you enroll in the Maritz Medical plan, choose the option to elect the Health Savings Account (HSA) in order to receive the Maritz annual contribution.  If you select the waive option, you will not receive a Maritz contribution.  If you do not wish to contribute money out of your paycheck, enter $0 in the appropriate field.  If you do wish to contribute, enter the amount per pay period or per year that you wish to contribute. **If you are not eligible for the HSA because of other medical coverage you have or because your spouse participates in the Healthcare FSA (refer to the Health Savings Account page of this site for details), notify the Benefits department at 636.827.4088 so we can allow the HSA to be waived.

6. If enrolling in the Dependent Care FSA, enter the amount you wish to contribute for the calendar year (through December 31).

7. For Supplemental Life for yourself, a spouse, or child, if you elect a coverage level that requires approval, you will receive an email after open enrollment closes or following your new hire or mid-year status change election asking you to answer a few health questions. You will have to go through an approval process to determine if the additional coverage will be provided to you.  If you wish to cancel your optional life insurance for those currently enrolled, select the waive option instead.  You must designate a beneficiary for each new life and AD&D option selected. For mid-year status changes or open enrollment, current beneficiary designations will automatically continue unless you make changes.

Note: If you are a VP or above as of June 1 of this year, your GVUL life insurance continues to be provided through Metlife with a June enrollment period. You will only make elections and beneficiary designations for AD&D coverage through this November’s open enrollment process in Workday.

8. Click on the Submit button when you have made an election for all plans listed to finalize and save your elections.

9. You may make changes to your elections anytime during the open enrollment period.  Go back into Workday, select the Benefits worklet, and select the Change Open Enrollment link. However, if you are enrolling as a New Hire or mid-year status change, although you have 31 days to make your elections in Workday, once those elections have been made and submitted, you are unable to change those elections until the next open enrollment period, unless you experience a qualified change in status and make the change within 31 days.

10. Be sure to print a copy of your elections for your records.

11. If you enrolled new family members for the first time, remember to send copies of marriage certificates, birth certificates, or other documents to the Benefits Department within 5 days. If you are unable to obtain these documents within 5 days, contact the Benefits Department at 636.827.4088 immediately to determine what other options may be available so you don’t miss the new hire or midyear benefits change 31 day deadline or the open enrollment deadline. If you miss these deadlines, you will not have another opportunity to enroll them until the next open enrollment period or you experience another qualified status change. Refer to the Documentation for Family Members page under the Home page of this website for additional details.