What is the significance of the dollar amount $26,000.00? 

Answer: $26,000.00 is the value of the Target gift cards that Maritz people earned in our holiday Healthy Weight Challenge. 

  •    300 Maritz people earned a $25 Target gift card by maintaining their body weight or losing less than 2% of their body weight.

  •    178 Maritz people earned $50 in Target gift cards by losing 2%-3.99% of their body weight.

  •    128 Maritz people earned $75 in Target gift cards by losing at least 4% of their body weight.

That comes to a total of 606 big winners . . . I mean losers ;-)

Maritz employees (of any status) participated in this 8-week Healthy Weight Challenge that started right before Thanksgiving with a verified weigh-in and ended right after the first of the year with a verified weigh-out.

Maritz field offices with 10 or more employees and a Healthy Weight assigned volunteer were invited to participate in the Challenge.  Participating offices included those in Arlington, Austin, Bloomington, Chicago, Frederick, Franklin, Lehi, Lincolnshire, Maumee, Overland Park, Philadelphia, Southfield, St. Louis, Torrance and Twinsburg. 

Thank you to all the volunteers who supported the field office weigh-ins and weigh-outs.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

We don’t have pounds lost details from our field offices, but we can report that 292 St. Louis-based employees maintained or lost weight over the holiday season with a collective weight loss of 1,181.3 pounds.  This is NOT a small thing to accomplish over the holiday season.  Congratulations to everyone who earned one or more gift cards!