In 2018, how many Exclusively Yours® (EY) Points did Maritz employees earn through our Healthcare Bluebook cost comparison tool? 

Answer:  In 2018, 251 Maritz people earned a total of 17,400 EY Points by choosing a GO GREEN TO GET GREEN provider for approved medical procedures.

Healthcare Bluebook compares costs for most outpatient medical procedures.  Go to (when prompted enter your last name and date of birth – if using the mobile app, the company code is Maritz) and input your zip code and medical procedure.  You’ll see a list showing the average cost charged for the procedure, and a list of Cigna in-network facilities with red, yellow, or green designations next to each facility.  Those coded red are facilities charging the most expensive rates (higher than the average cost listed).  Those coded yellow are facilities that charge at or slightly above the average cost listed.  The ones coded green are the facilities with the lowest rates (below the average cost shown).

Not all procedures can earn you EY Points, so be sure to look for the GO GREEN TO GET GREEN designation on the website.   When you use Healthcare Bluebook and select GREEN providers for GO GREEN TO GET GREEN medical procedures, you can earn EY Points for having the procedure done at those facilities. 

Eligible employees [all employee statuses who are in the current Maritz (Cigna) medical plan] can earn up to 150 EY Points through this program for calendar year 2019.

While you’re on the Healthcare Bluebook website, check out these new features:

Patient Savings Rating:  Uses the same green, yellow and red ratings to show you physicians whose referral patterns keep you and your wallet healthy!

Inpatient Quality Rating:  Uses the green, yellow and red ratings to show you the quality ratings for specific inpatient procedures for hospitals in your area.

Before scheduling any outpatient medical procedures, check out Healthcare Bluebook to see if you too could earn EY Points for choosing a designated GO GREEN TO GET GREEN provider.