Cost Comparison Tools - Healthcare Bluebook & Cigna

You shop around and do research when you’re thinking of buying a dishwasher or a new cell phone. Do you do the same with your health? Choosing the right things, whether it’s what you eat, how much activity you get, or which health care provider and level of care you choose, can save you money and improve your health.

Health care is a consumer product just like anything else. Spend just a few extra minutes to find the best prices and quality for the health care services you may need.  There can be a significant difference in your out-of-pocket costs depending on where you go for your care.

To help you along your health path, compare costs for the same service received from different physicians in your area with CIGNA’s cost comparison tool at, or at different facilities in your area on Healthcare Bluebook’s cost comparison tool at (when prompted enter your last name and date of birth — if using the mobile app, the company code is Maritz).

The Healthcare Bluebook site will show cost comparisons for most outpatient medical procedures.  You will see the average cost charged for the procedure, and a list of Cigna in-network facility names with red, yellow, or green designations next to each name.  Those coded red are facililties charging the most expensive rates, higher than the average cost listed.  Those coded yellow are facilities that charge at or slightly above the average cost listed.    The ones coded green are the facilities with the lowest rates, below the average cost shown.

When you use Healthcare Bluebook and select providers showing as “GO GREEN TO GET GREEN” on their website, you can earn points on your EY Card for making effective consumer choices and possibly lowering your out-of-pocket expense.  Providers coded green, without the “GO GREEN TO GET GREEN” designation, are not eligible for you to earn award points.  However, by using green providers instead of those coded yellow or red, you will lower your out-of-pocket costs.